Cardiology Question 19 Instructor

What are the causes for short RP and long RP interval in narrow complex SVTs?

  1. Short RP (R-P < 50% of the R-R interval)
    1. Typical AVNRT
    2. Orthodromic macroentry over accessory pathway
    3. Atrial tachycardia with first degree AV block
  2. Long RP (R-P >50% of the R-R interval)
    1. Atrial tachycardia
    2. Sinus node reentrant tachycardia
    3. Atypical AVNRT:
      • Down the “fast” AV node pathway & retrograde conduction up the “slow” pathway
  3. Orthodromic SVT with prolonged V-A conduction
    • Slowed conduction over accessory pathways
    • More common as increased frequency of EP ablation for AVNR

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