Cardiology Question 23 Instructor

What are the other conditions that can mimic a mitral stenosis diastolic murmur?

  1. Carey-Coombs murmur of acute rheumatic fever is a sign of active mitral valvulitis
    • Soft, early diastolic murmur usually varies from day to day.
    • Higher pitch than the diastolic rumbling murmur of established mitral stenosis.
  2. Pure severe mitral regurgitation
    • Increased flow across the valve
    • Sometimes with a short diastolic murmur with a S3
  3. Left atrial myxoma
    • Tumor plop
  4. Graham Steel murmur of pulmonary regurgitation
    • Increases with inspiration
  5. Austin-Flint murmur
    • A presystolic (late diastolic) murmur in patients with aortic insufficiency
    • The aortic regurgitant jet of blood keeps the anterior mitral leaflet from its full diastolic excursion.

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