Endocrinology Question 10 Instructor

How do you diagnose gestational diabetes?

During pregnancy, no prior diagnosis of diabetes mellitus:

Positive screening test:
50 g (non-fasting): 1 hour post glucose >10.3 mmol/L

2 hr OGTT 75 g (done if 1 hour screening glucose is between 7.8-10.2):
At least two glucose readings of the following:
Fasting glucose >5.3
1 hour glucose >10.6
2 hours glucose >8.9

What are the A1C and glucose targets for the patient with diabetes in pregnancy?

A1C <6%
Fasting glucose = 3.8-5.2 mmol/L
1 hr pc glucose = 5.5-7.7 mmol/L
2 hr pc glucose = 5.0-6.6 mmol/L

What is the glucose target during labour?

Glucose = 4.0-6.7

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