Cardiology Question 8 Instructor

If the JVP is 8 cm above sternal angle at 45%, what is the estimated right atrial (RA) pressure / CVP (central venous pressure) in mmHg?

VP in mmHg = (JVP + 5 cm) / 13.5 * 10

It is useful to convert the height of JVP estimated in cm to right atrial pressure in mmHg:

  1. It corresponds to the pressure measured by pulmonary artery catheter/Swan Ganz.
  2. Echocardiographer use the RA pressure in mmHg to estimate the RV systolic pressure by adding this number to the estimated gradient between right atrium and right ventricle (e.g. by tricuspid regurgitation jet)


  1. You have to add 5 (the cardiology constant) because of the distance from the Angle of Louis to the middle of the right atrium.
  2. Then divide by 13.5 as this is how many times mercury is denser than water
  3. Multiply by 10 to convert cm to mm

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