GIM Question 40 Instructor

What are the Well’s criteria for pulmonary embolism?
Well’s criteria:

  • Clinical signs of DVT (3 points)
  • Alternative diagnosis less likely than PE (3 points)
  • Heart rate >100bpm (1.5 points)
  • Immobilization or surgery within 4 weeks (1.5 points)
  • Previous DVT/PR (1.5 points)
  • Hemoptysis (1 point)
  • Malignancy with ongoing treatment or palliative (1 point)

Probability of PE based on score:

  • <2 Low probability
  • 2-6 Moderate probability
  • >6 High probability

What investigations would you order for a suspected PE?
If there is a high suspicion of pulmonary embolism, a stat ECG, troponin, CK, and CT with pulmonary angiogram should be ordered.
What is your initial treatment for a PE?
Initial treatment for a pulmonary embolism includes:

  • Supplemental O2
  • Anticoagulation (if hemodynamically stable)
    • Low molecular weight heparin
      • Enoxaparin 1mg/kg q12h or 1.5mg/kg daily for 5-10d
      • Tinzaparin 175U/kg daily for 5-10d
      • Dalteparin 100IU/kg q12h or 200IU/kg daily for 5-10d
      • Nadroparin 86 IU/kg q12h or 171 IU/kg daily for 5-10d
    • Fondaparinux is another option
  • Thrombolysis (if hemodynamically unstable/massive PE)
    • tPA 100mg IV over 2hrs


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  2. Konstantinides SV et al. 2014 ESC guidelines on the diagnosis and management of acute pulmonary embolism. Eur Heart J. 2014;35:3033-3073.

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