GIM Question 5 Instructor

What are the criteria for Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (SIRS)?
SIRS is a system-wide inflammatory response to an inciting agent. The criteria for diagnosing SIRS are the presence of 2 or more of the following:

  • Temperature >38.5oC or <35.0oC
  • Heart rate >90 beats/min
  • Respiratory rate >20 breaths per minute (or arterial CO2 tension <32mmhg, or need for mechanical ventilation)
  • WBC >12 000/mm3 or <4000/mm3 or >10% band forms

What is the definition of Sepsis? Severe Sepsis?
Sepsis is SIRS caused by a documented infection. Any presentation of SIRS from an unknown etiology should be worked up for an infectious cause to rule out sepsis.

Severe sepsis is sepsis with hypotension (SBP<90, MAP <70)

What is your initial workup and management for a patient with suspected sepsis?
Initial workup:

  • CBC, Lytes, Cr, BUN, AST, ALT, ALP
  • Serum Lactate (a marker for tissue hypoperfusion)
  • Serum glucose (may be elevated in sepsis)
  • Urine dip, Urine C&S
  • CXR
  • Lumbar puncture (consider if suspect meningitis)
  • Blood cultures x2 (blood cultures x3 with a new murmur for suspected infectious endocarditis)

Acute management:

  • IV NS to maintain BP and prevent shock
  • Empiric IV broad-spectrum antibiotics (differnet hospitals may have different protocols). Switch to narrow-spectrum antibiotics once a specific pathogen has been identified
  • Treat hyperglycemia (if present) with insulin


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