Hematology Question 12 Instructor

The CBC is the most commonly ordered test in medicine. What are the components of the CBC?

Components of the CBC:

  • RBC = # of RBCs per liter
  • MCV = mean cell volume
  • MCH = avg. amount of Hb in an individual cell
    • Decreased in hypochromic anemias
    • Total mass of Hb / # RBCs in volume of blood
  • MCHC = avg. concentration of Hb in a cell
    • Increased in HS and Hb SS
  • RDW = reflection of anisocytosis
    • Ddx: IDA, reticulocytosis, blood transfusion etc
  • HCT = measures the volume of red blood cells compared to the total blood volume (red blood cells and plasma)

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