Hematology Question 16

A 33 year old patient presents with fatigue to her family physician’s office. Her blood work is shown below. What is the differential for her blood findings and why?

CBC Patient Reference Range
RBC 3.79E12/L (3.80-5.20)E12/L
Hgb 79g/L (115-155)g/L
Hematocrit 0.249 (0.345 – 0.450)/L
MCV 76fL (82.0-97.0)fL
MCH 22pg (27.0-32.0)pg
RDW 22% (11.0-15.0)%
Platelets 416E9/L (140-400)E9/L

What is your differential diagnosis for a microcytic anemia?

What ferritin value increases the likelihood of iron deficiency?

What is the gold standard for investigation?

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